Ant Media Server Enterprise Edition Package includes following features to offer the powerful, versatile and open Realtime Video Streaming Engine.


  • License Per Instance (Server) Based
  • No connection limit in/out

Ingest Protocols

  • SRT
  • WebRTC (1-1, 1-many, many-many, SFU, MCU, Data Channel)
  • RTSP (IP Cam, ONVIF Support, Remote PTZ Control)
  • RTMP

Streaming and Latency Values

  • WebRTC with 0,5 sec. latency
  • LL-DASH / LL-HLS (CMAF) with 3-5 sec. latency
  • HLS with 10-12 sec. latency
  • RTMP for Restream with 3 sec. latency


ABR & Encoding


Recording & VoD

  • Recording Formats: MP4 & WebM & HLS
  • Recording on local HD or S3 or remote storage
  • VoD (Video on Demand), Playlist, Scheduler

Abstraction Layers


  • Enable/Disable Accepting Undefined Streams
  • One Time Token Control
  • CORS Filter
  • Hash-Based Token
  • Publisher IP Filter
  • JWT Stream Security Filter
  • Time-based One Time Password
  • SSL
  • IP based Whitelisting


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