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In this blog post, I will explain how to embed WebRTC publishing to a website. For certain cases, you may require to embed video publishing to a website where AntMedia Server is set up in another domain.

Before starting we need to put required libraries into a folder, which is named js in our case. Required libraries could be found in here.

Step 1: Create a Web Page and Embed WebRTC Publishing

Now create a web page HTML file on the same level with the js folder.
The content of the HTML page will be a copy of index.html in the StreamApp repository with some exceptions explained in the next steps.

Step 2: Remove JSP codes

Remove JSP codes which are used by the StreamApp java application:

<%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>
var token = "<%= request.getParameter("token") %>";

Step 3: Manually set websocketURL

Manually assign your AntMedia Server url to websocketURL as in the following:

var webRTCAdaptor = new WebRTCAdaptor({
websocket_url : "wss://your_server_url:5443/WebRTCAppEE/websocket",
mediaConstraints : mediaConstraints,
peerconnection_config : pc_config,
sdp_constraints : sdpConstraints,
localVideoId : "localVideo",
callback : function(info, obj)

The key point here is that your URL starts with wss://. This means SSL is enabled in your server. You can enable SSL as described here.
If SSL is not enabled, URL needs to be like the following:
websocket_url : "ws://your_server_url:5080/WebRTCAppEE/websocket"

In this case, browser will not be able to reach the camera and mic because your domain is not secure and you will not be able to publish stream. There is a workaround for Chrome.

Step4: Run and Publish

Now our stream publishing web page is ready where AntMedia Server is in another domain.

Screen Shot 2020 01 05 at 22.41.34 1

In the next posts, embedding stream playing will be showed. If you have any questions, drop a line to contact(at)!

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